Monday, September 13, 2010

Turn on the Light FM of the Soul

You know, we all have our inner demons. I, for one - I can't speak for you, but I'm on the verge of moral collapse at any time. It can happen by the end of the show.
Glenn Beck

Hello pilgrims.  Y'know, when I decided to do this blog, it was to spare folks from my pesky habit of actually referring folks to what THE HOLEE BIBLE says about the requirements one has to meet to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.  I did this on Facebook a lot, which is a place people go to participate in fun things and "socially connect."  Talking about these heavy subjects was bumming folks out, they have busy lives and shoot, they need another bag of seed for their Farmville(tm).  Now, if you're reading this, you've actually had to come here, into my lair.

Facebook is a great communication tool, but like most of the technology we have that allows mass communication, it's not spent very wisely in terms of actually bettering our lives.  Not only that, the interwebs, etc is a great source of misinformation and is vast enough that if you believe that aliens taught the Ancient Egyptians how to build pyramids and that George Bush, Sr is actually a shape-shifting lizardman, why you can find that dank corner of  the interwebs and have your ideology buttressed by other tin-foil hat wearing believers.  We don't appear to be using these communication tools well and one of the problems is...y'know...hey...nobody wants to talk about these important issues like...oh...say...I dunno...religion and politics...except to just solidify their bias and prejudices. 

But it turns out that these two topics are where most of our human activity is connected to.  Religion is how our minds (the invisible being we actually are) can connect with reality on all it's levels, not just the superficial one of physical reality.  Religion helps us see the big picture of what it means to be expressions of consciousness.  Which necessarily include gods and their roles in this thing called life.  Politics is about running our civilizations and whether you're a citizen of the greatest nation on Earth (Luxembourg) or Amazonian indians going commando and sleeping rough and eating grubs for breakfast, you're gonna have politics.  It's what keeps the trains running on time.  Even if you don't have trains.  Or wheels.  Or underwear.

What the Republican party has so cunningly done is wed religion and politics together so that millions of hapless, clueless and increasingly ethicless Christians have been conned into thinking that Jesus dying for their sins has bushwhack to do with who to vote for in the coming election.  It doesn't.  Not a jot.  Render unto Caesar Romero what belongs to Caesar Romero and render unto Yahweh what belongs to Yahweh.  (Note I use "Yahweh" instead of "God."  That's a big part of the problem.  Xianity pretends Yahweh is the only god around, and Xianity has done a cracking job the past several centuries relegating anybody elses' gods to the realm of "just" myth and legend, etc.  Or "deceptions by the devil."  I'll have more on this later where I discuss one reason so many Xians seem out of touch with the very god they claim they serve is because Yahweh is a Middle-Eastern god and most Xians in Uhmurkah come from Europe or Africa or Central/South America.)

Yahweh is a jealous god and he doesn't want any gods before him.  Or after him.  He wants a monopoly.  He's the Wal*Mart of deities.

So...I expect and have expected some folks to respond to some of the things I've posted on Facebook and on this blog with some defensive, frothing-at-the-mouth blather, but I wasn't expecting to be told to "Lighten Up."  Heck.  You're right.  We're only talking about peoples' immortal souls here...what's the point, right?  No biggie.  Let's just hang out. 

Fascinating.  Let's all hit the bongs and call the whole thing off, eh?  Let's twist again like we did last summer.

I've noticed that the right wing conservatives have a hard time responding to direct questions or truths regarding their positions.  All the folks who call Obama a Fascist/Socialist, when asked WHY they think that or when you ask them to point to a particular thing he's said or did that caused them to come to that conclusion, they hem and haw and when their brains begin to shut down, they tell you you're part of the Leftist Alliance and a traitor and that if this is a diplomatic mission to Alderaan, where are the fucking ambassadors?  So to speak.

Shoot, Sarah Palin almost fainted when someone asked her what newspapers and/or magazines she reads.  The answer is she doesn't read or expose herself to anything that doesn't reinforce her poisonous worldview and when the media shows video clips of her speaking or quotes some of her tweets she complains about the media making stuff up.  This woman wants to be the high priest of an Uhmurkah that is a Theocracy where you all will be subject to worship how she and Glenn Beck please.  Everybody wants to rule the world.

Such people live in a hermetically sealed bubble and facts and truths have a very hard time penetrating.  Especially when you've been conned into connecting your religion with your whole identity as a person, and you have been taught that this makes you better than everyone else.  It's even worse when you've been conned into believing that America and Christianity is somehow tied together.  Why do folks in the Eastern Hemisphere and elsewhere burn the Uhmurkan flag?  Because we have worked hard to earn the title, THE GREAT SATAN.

You know what evangelism is?  Evangelism is a practice in which you want others to think the same way you do to reinforce your own opinions, however toxic they are.  Because if you're surrounded by other lemmings who think the same way you do, why would you question your ideology?  And Xianity has done a good job making sure each successive generation is conditioned and with the program until many Xians now believe America was created as a summer camp for Christians and that it's okay to bomb brown people in the Eastern Hemisphere into smithereens...HELL, we did the same thing to the Native Americans and that worked out great!

Another fascinating thing is the "New World" was a place where Christians in Europe were fleeing to to escape persecution, and now the Xians in Uhmurkah want to do the same thing to religions they don't like.  The Puritans left Europe not necessarily because they were being persecuted...but because they weren't the ones doing the persecuting.

Some Christians have been able to escape this.  A church in Florida recently had a service in which Hebrew, Christian and Muslim religious texts were all read in a show of solidarity for people of Abrahamic faith, regardless of their interpretation of the expression(s) of the Yahweh/Allah/Jesus godhead.  Children were shown several different kinds of flowers of different colors and shapes...but they're all demonstrate the variety of faiths that are out there.  To celebrate diversity in that we have a bouquet of religions to pick from, not just one type.  A church in the Memphis, Tennessee (yes, that Tennessee) area has welcomed a mosque that is being built right next door.  The church even let these terrorist heathens use their space for Ramadan-a-Ding-Dong prayers.  The pastor of the church admitted feeling fear originally, but recognized that as an emotional, not a rational, response and so reached out and really implemented that whole "Love Thy Neighbor" thing that other Xians have such a hard time dealing with.  Now the Christians and next door's Muslims are like peas and carrots and have taken to calling each other "brother and sister."

Dogs and cats will be sleeping together next and I hear the Hatfields and the McCoys are planning a clambake in which Bill O'Reilly and Keith Olbermann will be the guests of honor where they will sing "Ebony and Ivory" together while Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno go from table to table asking if you'd like your Bell jar refilled with moonshine.

The good news is the wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from conservative Xians is the death rattle of Christendom and their fear of Islam, Black People, social equality and justice and civil rights for everybody including the gays, reveals their faith is as thin as Shelly Duvall after a long aerobics session and if they allowed themselves to ponder this for a minute a little bit of light might get in.  Instead, they attack the messenger instead of being able to respond to the message or just say "lighten up."  A lot of Xians are scared.  And they have a right to be.  There's a lot of bad karma built up that is ready to give them a wedgie for all eternity.

I say, let there be light.  Fiat lux, awready.  Multitudes, multitudes in the basement without a flashlight, who will give batteries unto these my chillen?

Next episode, I promise, we'll have a gay old time.



  1. I wish the people who really need to read this would--
    You have a wonderful way with words, baby.

  2. If I had anything profound to add to this I reckon I'd put right here.

  3. Seany, as the song goes: You say it best, when you say nothing at all. (wink)