Saturday, September 11, 2010

Whither Woohoo?

True communication is only possible between equals.  - Robert Anton Wilson

Another blog post this soon?  Yes.  I've got the gumption and after feeling puny yesterday, like I was about to catch the flu, or Hell, vitality has filled my mind and fingers.  Hence my blogification.  In our last episode, I basically flushed Christianity down the crapper.  Or did I?  Hey.  If you're practicing Xianity and are following the instruction guide, more grace unto you and your household.  You're among the few who are doing so.  And I mean few, given the sheer number of people on this coagulation of mud we call Terra who call themselves Xians.  And that's why I described Jesus as a lonely dude last blog.  And that's why the bible says that narrow is the way and there are few who follow that yellow brick road.

One of the reasons I'm doing this blog is out of love for all humanity, yes, even you.  I'm also doing it to unload my mind of a lot of things that are running around in it, so I can make room for more stuff.  Sherlock Holmes(tm), (yes I'm aware he's a fictional character like Glenn Beck(tm)), didn't care if the earth revolved around the sun or vice versa, his concern was what time the sun rose and set that day.  Knowing how this process worked was meaningless to him, and is meaningless to us.  We could say that the sun is eaten by the sky each night by a goddess and given birth to in the morning by that same goddess and it would keep doing the same thing, like cosmic clockwork.  That's what the Ancient Egyptians thought, and they had a good run of 30 centuries of advanced civilization.  Given Uhmurkah has not been around 3 centuries yet, that deserves some consideration.

This is why science is great, but not that useful, in the long run.  Finding out why the sun rises and sets may be interesting, but it has dishwater to do with causing it to happen.  Science is about how things work, not why necessarily.  And it has naught to do with what it means.  Atheists for example use science in a way that...well, let me give you an analogy.  You can take apart a watch and put all the little gears and springs and doomaswitchees on a piece of black velvet to find out how the watch operates...but now you can't tell what time it is.  Science only goes so far and claiming there is a scientific explanation for everything results in the nullification of your own existence.  I'll have more to say on Atheists later, and how they are proof that *G*O*D* has a sense of humor.

But back to my modus operandi for coming right out of the chute with my "anti-Xian" rant.  That no doubt would be offensive to some Christians.  It's not easy finding out that all you know is wrong, or at least one arbitrary worldview among gazillions.  I spent a Long Dark Decade of the Soul after I found out.  So if what I posted was read by a Christian and it made you at least think it over and maybe have a long dark afternoon of the soul, I've done my job.  Which is where Woohoo comes in.

Woohoo is usually used as an exclamation after your team scores a goal, or after you get that promotion or after a particularly satisfying orgasm.  I use Woohoo as a state of being and have known to use it as a verb here and there.  What is Woohoo?  What's in a name?  How can we communicate as equals when I'm breaking the rules?

Let me talk a sec about language and grammar.  William S Burroughs once said, "Language is a virus from outer space."  Now I may blog one day more about what that means to me.  But in the short form, it means language is something that invades our reality.  We as humans, among other sentient species, created language as a way to fix reality into a Consensus Reality that I touched on last blog.  This is a good an extent.  But language is mutable and changes over time.  Just read the works of Wild Bill Shakespeare a bit and you'll see that not long ago, English was much different than what we understand it to be today.  But Wild Bill would have been baffled by say, Ebonics, back then as well.  You can bet your bare bodkin on it.  The Consensus Reality is fluid and changes based on our circumstances.  So does language and its usage.  Concerning grammar:  if you understand what I'm saying here, excuse my poor grammar, plz.

Woohoo to me, is a state of being.  I'd describe it as joy mixed with a euphoric feeling that comes from being alive and knowing that that is a positive experience.  Because life itself is good.  There is no evil in nature, the earth is not sick with sin and we do not live on a planet that has fallen from grace.  Our physical reality is the part of heaven that we can touch. 

I knew Woohoo (note the capital W) when I met my wife Cathy.  Woohoo to me had not meant what it means now before that.  I experienced, like we all do, states of sadness, happiness, grief, etc but I did not know joy mixed with euphoria as a background constant until I found someone that could love me for who I was.  She was the first person to do so.  Others who claim they did are wrong, as I must be the judge of that.  That validated my existence and I knew post-Woohoo that Yahweh didn't really love me...not like that.  There are a lot of negative things in our world today and other "realities" of my life have had me forget that lately.  I must infuse more Woohoo into my life.  Because all you need is Woohoo and what the world needs now is Woohoo, sweet Woohoo.

I wish Woohoo unto you, with this blog.  Exposing you to the love the universe has for you may mean tearing down everything you've built up around yourself that keeps that love from penetrating.  You are how the universe expresses itself.  The cosmos looks at you and sees itself looking back at itself and we are so beautiful, we break the cosmos' heart.  And all we are, physically, as Alan Moore puts it is, "mud that sat up."  But we are far more than our physical selves, which is why Atheists are the Keystone Cops of philosophers.  They think they are here to serve and protect, but all they do is run around dumping whitewash on their noggins and break metaphorical windows with their metaphorical ladders.

I see love and Woohoo in short supply.  I see people who claim to know the God of Love as Yahweh has had people claim him to be have hate for other people.  Those people do not know love, never met it.  Wouldn't recognize it if it was the best man at their wedding and it was wearing a sticker on its chest that read:  Hello My name is Love.  So peace on earth and Woohoo towards men, world without end.  Put that in your hookah and smoke it.

Chuck Goober will not make an appearance in this edition.  When I offered, he replied, "Yoo have got to be yankin' yer chain, longhair.  Ah mite catch them thar Longhair Cooties or somethin."  If you don't know who Chuck Goober is...lucky you.  I'll introduce you one day in a post.  You've been warn-ed.

In later blogs I'll be examining fun things like abortion, homosexuality and why Greedo damn well shot first.